Look out Vine: Instagram's video service wants to eat your lunch

Video on Instagram's selling point: “Vine lets you record six seconds? We’re letting you record fifteen!”
Video on Instagram

Instagram has made the move into video clips with Video on Instagram, an option that’ll be integrated directly into the mobile app.

It’ll allow you to take up to fifteen seconds of video, apply one of thirteen special new video filters to it, then select your own “cover photo” from any point in the clip. So there are some differences to Vine, the Twitter-owned mobile video app that this new development seems intended as a reaction to.

There’s also a “Cinema” feature, which allows you to reduce camera shake on video clips after you’ve captured them.

In a blog post on the site, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom said that no changes are being made to the photo side of things, and that, as with photos, any videos you take on Instagram will belong to you.

[Via Instagram blog]