Lonely Planet coming to Nokia Maps

Lugging around stacks of guidebooks on a global jaunt is a total pain. Not only do the weigh a ton, whip one out and you immediately attract attention

Nokia and Lonely Planet are aware of this, which is why the guidebook people have hooked up with Nokia to supple content via Nokia Maps. Rather than buying a book, you can download a virtual copy on the move.

Not only will it tell you where the locals go to escape tourists (so you head there and make a nuisance of yourself), it'll also work with the Maps app so you can find where you're heading without any hassle, giving you points of interest on the way too.

You can download up to 100 different editions just by heading to the Extras menu in Nokia Maps. You can get them over-the-air or via Nokia Map Loader on your PC. Each one will set you back around €7, with UK pricing yet to be announced.


Lonely Planet guides on Nokia Maps

Price: £TBA

On sale: Now

Contact: Nokia