LG's leaked V10 smartphone has a secondary ticker display

Is this the Samsung Continuum all over again? We may find out in a week's time

The Nexus 5X isn't the only interesting new LG phone on the horizon, it seems: chatter and leaks suggest that the South Korean maker is trying an atypical approach for another upcoming device.

What you see above is reportedly the LG V10, which first popped up on the horizon a few weeks back after passing through Chinese regulator TENAA. Later, noted leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) shared details of a secondary "ticker" screen on the front, and now his latest leak shows how it works.

Indeed, it appears that there will be a separate, smaller display above the primary one, which can house app icons for easy, constant access - and most like display notifications, as well. Sound familiar? Samsung's Continuum handset did something similar on the bottom with notifications back in 2010.

But the LG V10 is a much larger device. The Continuum's main display was just 3.4in, while the V10 is reportedly 5.7in (and Quad HD); this should be a very large phone, given the extra space for the secondary display. Having favorite app icons all the way on top doesn't seem very intuitive on such a large phone, but maybe there's more to it.

The device also seems to have two cameras to the left of this display, curiously, and it's not yet clear what function those will serve together. Otherwise, the V10 is rumoured to have a Snapdragon 808 processor within, a 16-megapixel back camera, a fingerprint scanner, and a removable backing.

LG has an event planned for 1 October in New York City, so it's quite possible that we'll hear all about the V10 in about a week. Whatever is shown, we'll bring you the news as it comes - and we'll keep an ear out for more on how the V10 aims to make use of that second screen.

[Source: @evleaks via 9to5Google]