LG's flexible OLED lamp has curves in all the right places

LG sexes up the traditional desk lamp with smooth curves and brains to match. Is this the future of desktop lighting? No idea
LG's flexible OLED lamp has curves in all the right places

That's the best Hot Wheels ramp we've ever seen.You're not entirely wrong. This would make an excellent ramp. But it is, in fact, a lamp.

I… I love lamp?We don't blame you. Quite the electro-luminescent looker, isn't it?

How do the bulbs squeeze in? It looks thinner than a fasting stick insect.Ah well, that's the clever bit you see. There are no bulbs. Light is provided purely by - 

- a uranium core?OLED. Light is beamed out from a flexible OLED panel. While a radioactive desk lamp might sound cool, your DNA replication fidelity would think otherwise.

We love lamp: LG's flexible OLED lamp has curves in all the right places

OLED? As in, phone screens and TV panels?Yup. The flexible OLED panel used in LG's funky lamp uses the same tech found in its curved OLED TVs and G Flex bendy smartphone. LG Chem has shown off full-blown lighting solutions in the past, so it's clearly well on its way to mastering the OLED lighting arts.

OLED lights are more efficient than regular bulbs and also more convenient, as there's nothing to replace. But that's not all. LG's lamp is smart, too.

Of course it is.You can control the lamp remotely via your smartphone or tablet, setting it to different lighting modes including 'movie' and 'relax', as well as messing around with its dimming controls.

I'll take one.So will we, if it's ever released to us mere mortals. There's no indication if it will ever hit shelves, and there's no mention of a price tag.

sadface.gifCheer up. You can always buy a frozen-in-time lightbulb until LG's lamp hits Heal's.

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