LG Kizon smartwatch lets parents keep track of their kids

GPS and Wi-Fi tell you your child’s location, and you can even talk to them over 3G
LG Kizon smartwatch lets parents keep track of their kids

The G Watch might be LG’s best-known smartwatch, but it’s not the only piece of tech-packed wrist-wear in its range. The company has just unveiled the Kizon, a smartwatch designed for primary school age kids.

The Kizon is fitted with GPS and Wi-Fi, which will keep parents abreast of the wearer’s location in real-time. It also has a 3G connection, microphone and speaker, allowing the parent to call and speak to the child or vice versa (only one number can be stored in the Kizon, and that can be changed using its companion app).

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It's 10am – do you know where your kids are?

Alerts can be set up, so that the parent is automatically kept updated on the wearer’s location throughout the day – and an alert will also come through when the Kizon’s battery is at 25 percent (LG claims it’ll last for 36 hours per charge).

The Kizon won’t be restricted to LG’s native South Korea, and the company plans to launch the watch in Europe and America in the coming months. Blue, green and pink colour finishes will be available, but a price has yet to be announced.

[Via Pocket-lint]