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The latest PS5 beta adds voice control, will roll out in next update

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Sony launched a beta program for the latest PlayStation 5 software last summer. The latest beta software release is rolling out this week and contains a brand new voice control feature, among other features.

With the new feature, your PS5 will be able to listen for the “Hey PlayStation” buzz phrase through the control. According to Sony, you’ll be able to use the feature to launch games, apps, settings, and control playback.

To use the feature, you’ll have to toggle it on in your PS5 settings. Likewise, if you’re not a fan of the new feature, you’ll also be able to switch it off in the settings menu. Remember that the feature is in the beta software which may be unstable, so only download it if you fully understand the risks.

For now, the beta feature is only available in English for those with an account registered in the UK or US. Sony didn’t clarify which languages or countries it would support in the future, but it will expand the feature in the future.

The good news for those that don’t want to sign up for the beta is that this feature should be rolling out in a general software update soon. Barring any major problems with the beta version, it should be the next update that Sony rolls out.

Sony didn’t clarify the details of how the console will listen for “Hey PlayStation”. But, it seems like the console will always be listening for the specific phrase, like other smart home devices. That might be a turn-off for the privacy-focused, and it could drain the control’s battery faster.

Alongside the voice control feature, the other new additions in the beta software include some new options for Party Chat, enhancements to the PS5 Game Base, some accessibility features, and some minor UI tweaks.