Korg's clip-on kit turns normal stuff into drums

Rattle and Humdrum. Let's Stick Together. She Bins the Drums. Etc.
Korg Cliphit

Well, it’s Korg, so it must be……Something to do with block rockin’ beats. Damn skippy, my friend, and this Korg box o’ tricks is to do with drums. Everyone loves a drummer, and you know why? 

No, why?Because they nearly always have a car, for the portage of their bulky boommakers. Once you’ve got a drummer with his or her Nissan Almera, you’ve got yourself a touring band. But there’s a problem: once the car is full of drums, there’s little room for Billy the bassist or Charlie the cellist or even Rupie the groupie.

Which is why you need to present Daria the drummist with the Korg Cliphit. Three sensor clips attach to any object which, when struck, triggers the appropriate drum/cymbal/sample from the device. There’s a foot pedal for the bass drum and the option to add another for hi-hat action.

Korg Cliphit
Korg Cliphit

Oh, come on. Are you really suggesting that this can replace a full drum kit?What, you don’t think its 2W speaker will be enough to rock the Carnegie Hall? OK – it’s more of a practice kit, but the novelty of the object clipping might make it just the thing for encouraging young wannabes for whom a proper kit might be a bit daunting.

For further incentive there are even silly sounds – dog barks, for example – as well as various drum kit set-ups. You can also plug a music source into the aux-in socket to ‘jam along’ with your favourite tracks.

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