Kit for outdoor living – indoors

From indoor barbecues to emotion viewing sunglasses – this gear braves rain or shine

Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ

US$225 (£145),

If, like us, you’d rather eat your steak raw before letting it go off or be cooked by any method other than barbecue – this is for you. With flooding all over the UK this summer you could be risking your life firing up the barbie on the patio so, by that logic, the Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ is a life-saving device. It’ll let you char grill your steak indoors using lava rocks, heated on your hob, for BBQ taste that’s totally smoke free.

O2Amp glasses


Once the heavens open, your sunglasses get tossed aside, but not with the O2Amp sunnies that also double as emotion and health readers. Based on technology made for medical professionals, developed by 2AI Labs, these glasses emphasise colours in skin to reveal oxygenation and therefore health and emotional changes. Whatever these eventually cost will be well worth it when you make it all back seeing through every poker face in Vegas.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0


Parrot has taken quadrichoppers to another level of accuracy that means this bad boy flies outside as well as in. And with a 720p camera onboard you can pilot the AR.Drone 2.0 from the comfort of your sofa using your smartphone. Finding a good reason to spend that much on a toy probably won’t be so easy.

Monopoly: The Godfather Edition


Sure when the sun’s out you can pound the streets to squeze the local retailers for your cut, but you wouldn’t want rain on your two tone leather spats. So, with you in mind, Monopoly has released a Godfather Edition of the board game. All your favourite Corleone hangouts are there with Greene’s casino, the Woltz mansion, and of course the Corleone Lake Tahoe Estate. Friends and Enemies take the place of Chance and Community Chess, as you’d expect. Now just be sure you’re first to shotgun the horse head as your playing token.

Mathmos Bump Lantern


Whether you’re an inny or an outy, the Mathmos Bump Lantern has you covered as it's splash-proof for outdoor use but is also pretty enough to live inside. It’ll even cater for your colourful desires with a colour-changing mode that can be activated by bumping the top with your finger.

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