Just because they could – raspberry scented scratch and sniff jeans

Too lazy to wash your jeans? Keep them fruity fresh with a simple scratch thanks to the wonders of science

Being a fashionable and stylish bunch here at Stuff HQ, we understand the fear of losing a carefully obtained hue and fit to our favourite pair of jeans to the likes of the washing machine. Now, thanks to the wonders of science, you can go even longer without washing your go-to item of clothing.

Naked and Famous has released a pair of raspberry scented jeans featuring the latest in denim scratch and sniff technology, keeping your jeans smelling fruity fresh with a simple scratch – all thanks to millions of micro-scent capsules baked in to the denim.

The scent will last for a generous five washes, so if you fancy treating your nether regions to a dash of raspberry perfume then head on over here where you can nab a pair for £93.

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