Just because they could – 24ct gold Dr Dre Beats Pro headphones

Is your pair of Dr Dre Beats Pros not ostentatious enough? How about if they had a 24ct gold makeover?

So, you've treated yourself to a pair of Dr Dre Beats Pros. Their sturdy design and top-notch audio quality is great – but with all those pairs of Beats headphones adorning the heads of commuters everywhere, your 'phones no longer scream "look at me". Enter bling extraordinaire Crystal Rocked, who has given the Beats Pro cans the Midas touch with a black or white, 24ct gold plated makeover.

Understandably, this pair of conspicuous cans comes with an equally jaw-dropping price tag – these gold-covered audio blasters come in at just under £1,000. That's a lot of money to fork out – considering that covers the cost of almost four pairs of conventional Beats Pros.

With exactly the same audio properties and skull-shattering bass as your bog-standard Beats Pros, you're essentially paying for the garish gold display (or the right to be mugged). One for ostentatious DJs, perhaps?

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