The June issue of Stuff is out now!

The new issue of the world’s best tech magazine is stuffed with can’t-miss gadget gold. Read on to find out more...

So it took its time, but it’s finally here: the Apple Watch. No doubt you’ve already read our exhaustive test with the most significant new gadget since the launch of the original iPhone, but there’s plenty more in our new issue that you need to read ahead of buying.

We’ve burned through the battery of every single phone we could lay our hands on to come up with the 50 best mobiles games that you really need to play before your own conks out.

We’ve also managed to catch up with the people behind the 1000mph Bloodhound rocket car, which could soon be the proud holder of a new land speed record. Find out what it feels like to drive at that speed from pilot Andy Green, and discover how the Bloodhound is similar to 4.5 lactating cows.

Inside you’ll also find our exhaustive test of the Samsung Galaxy S6 (that's the best phone ever, by the way), five ways to reawesomise your festival backpack, six garden games to pimp your lawn, and a collection of water-based kit that’d make Jules Verne envious.

You’ll find all this and more in the June issue of Stuff magazine, which you can own by heading down to your local newsagent, pointing your web browser at, or firing up Newsstand on your iPad. Even better, why not subscribe? It's cheaper and you won't have to go outside to get your hands on one. You'll find full details of our excellent subscription offers here.

So, what are you waiting for?