Jalapeno Beat Maker lets you remix music with your snowboard

This spicy little gadget pumps out a personal soundtrack while you're carving through powder
Jalapeno Beat Maker lets you remix your music with your snowboard

While we love the fiery taste of sliced jalapenos in our steak and cheese subs, we’ve never once thought to strap one onto a snowboard before careering down the side of a mountain.

The thought has however crossed the mind of Beat Farm, creator of the Jalapeno Beat Maker.

Not much bigger than its edible namesake, the Beat Maker is a compact sensor-laden music mixer which can be mounted on anything from snowboards and bikes, to skis and skateboards.

Connected to your smartphone’s Beat Farm app via Bluetooth, the Jalapeno remixes your favourite songs in relation to how you’re moving.

Spinning on a board can, for example, crossfade between two tracks, while music slows down completely while you’re in the air before resuming at normal speed when you land.

Up to four layers at a time can be mixed and it’s weatherproof and durable enough to ensure that it’ll come out of full-blown wipeouts a lot better off than your fragile bones ever will.

You can pre-order your own Beat Maker for US$200 from Kickstarter, where Beat Farm is hoping to raise US$53,000 to make the project a reality.

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