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iRiver Story HD tablet to get Google eBooks

A new e-reader isn’t that exciting. One with Google’s backing and library of books – that’s exciting

The iRiver Story HD tablet has just stepped into the ring with Amazon’s game leading Kindle, and it’s been trained to win. In iRiver’s corner stands the mighty Google and its posse of three million eBooks which have been available on Android, iOS and PC since December 2010. Using the new iRiver Story HD – out on the 17th of July in America for US$140 (£82) – users won’t have to download their books to a computer then transfer to an e-reader. Instead, they can get their bookish kicks over Wi-Fi. The 2GB-packing, SD-expandable, 6in XGA-screened competitor may be the underdog who can finally stand up to the mighty Kindle. But like all the big fights, America gets it first – watch this space for a UK release announcement.


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