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iRiver Story ebook reader flows into UK

Sony has its Readers, Amazon has its Kindles and now, iRiver is joining the eBook game with its imaginatively titled Story.Clad in white with a matte-

Clad in white with a matte-finish it sports a Kindle-esque QWERTY keyboard for which makes use of the on board onboard diary and scheduler, but will also let you tweak Office documents on the fly.

Naturally it uses e-ink for the display. The battery’s good for 7,000 page turns (seeing you through more than a few Andy McNabs).

It supports all your standard EPUB, PDF and TXT formats – as well as the aforementioned MS Office files and PEG, BMP and GIFs for those who like their stories with pictures in all their eight-shade e-ink glory.

Audiobooks are handled by the built-in speaker or headphone jack. Like the Kindle 2 it packs 2GB of storage for around 1,500 books. If that’s not enough for your voracious book reading you can top up with an SD card.

You can bag one at Waterstones for £230 or WHSmith for £200.