iPhone 7 guts spy-shotted for your viewing pleasure

Psst. Wanna see what the inside of Apple’s next phone might look like?

Hey, what better way to start off the week than by looking at some poor-quality photos of what might be the inside of the next iPhone?

What’s that? You can’t contain your excitement? Your knees are trembling? You’re having to fan your face with a moist tea towel in order to calm down? Thought so.

Anyway, what we have here are three grainy images of what Chinese phone repair firm GeekBar claims is the display assembly for the upcoming iPhone 6s/iPhone 7. If they’re the real deal, the pictures suggest the next iPhone is going to look pretty much exactly the same as the iPhone 6, which fits in with almost everything we’ve heard so far about it.

It does appear to be slightly different from the display assemble for the iPhone 6 but, well, it tells us absolutely nothing about the 6s/7 other than that it will strongly resemble its predecessor. Many have predicted that Force Touch technology, previously seen on the Apple Watch and 2015 MacBook, will be incorporated into the next iPhone, but there’s no giveaway evidence here for that.

With Apple likely to unveil its new batch of iPhones in September, we’ll find out more soon enough. In the meantime, feast your hungry eyes on our iPhone 7 preview, which puts all the rumours, speculation and grainy-ass spy shots of smartphone innards in one place.

[Source: GeekBar Weibo via Nowhereelse.fr]