iPhone 5 and iPod Touch to get built-in beat-matching DJ

Is Apple going to do DeadMau5 and David Guetta out of a job with its next-gen shiny hardware?

Any self-respecting music fan wants to lock David Guetta up and throw away the key – but what if Apple has done just that by cramming a virtual DJ into its next-gen hardware? An Apple patent from 2010 has been dug up by iOS fiends over at Engadget – and it'll make hardened turntablists want to smash any Cupertino-made gear in sight.

The iPhone 5 and next iPod Touch could include a revamped DJ feature in iTunes that beat matches your current track with the next one and crossfades the two into a seamless playlist.

The patent refers to MP3, AAC and WMA files and 'an electronic device' – in theory any Apple product from iMacs to iPods and MacBooks could join in the rave.

With Spotify adding gapless playback this week too, the tech giants seem hell bent on removing any silence from our listening sessions – but would we rather leave the mixing to the humans?

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