Icon – Sony Vaio Z 2011

Thunderbolt tech comes to Sony's laptop range as it busts out a new slimline hottie, the Vaio Z

Laptops aren't sexy

This one is. And look, it's already dimmed the lights. I think it's trying to tell you something.

Don't be disgusting

Well, if Sony's Vaio Z was trying to tell you something, it could do so over Thunderbolt, Intel's superfast new connection, as seen on Apple's recent iMacs and MacBook Pros. Apple still has the exclusive on tech, forcing Sony to call it by its development name, Light Peak.

You're right – that is sexy

Enough sarcasm. The Vaio Z's sexy form surrounds a 13.1in 1600x900 screen, fed by Intel i7 processors, 256GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM and AMD Radeon graphics. All this in a package that's just 16.5mm thick and weighs less than 2kg.

And the battery life is how many minutes?

Up to 14 hours with the optional sheet battery. The other major add-on is a Power Media Dock, an expansion module that clips into that Thunderbolt port. The dock's 1GB VRAM lets you power up to four screens via HDMI or VGA and includes a Blu-ray drive. You won't even have to wait many minutes to get one – the laptop's out in July for £2700.



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