Icon – Pentax 645D Japan

What happens when an awesome camera gets a limited edition makeover? We drool, of course

Wow. That’s a pretty red looking camera

Your observational skills are on top form. This is more than just a simple paint job however. Pentax has taken the body of an original 645D and subjected it to a fancy lacquering technique involving silver leaves and layers of traditional urushi.

And in English?

It's shiny. There's also a whopping 40MP sensor with a resolution of 7264x5440 pixels. Coupled with a weather-sealed body, 3in touchscreen and a viewfinder with a 98 per cent field of view, this is no Facebook album snapper.

Is the price as impressive as the specs?

Seeing as each unit it built to order we would expect something pretty astronomical. You could always pick up the standard black model for a comparatively modest £9000. Or just keep dreaming.

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