Icon – Logitech Stylo Bluetooth headset

The stylish Stylo goes to show that wireless headsets that hang off your ear needn't be hideous

Bluetooth headsets are for Mondeo-driving salesmen, right?

Wrong. Well, while some are undoubtedly pitched at the polyester suit brigade, there are others that rise above the naffness. Like the Stylo from Logitech.

Logitech? Not exactly known for their high concept design.

Which is why the firm called upon the prodigious talents of Japanese studio Nendo to come up with the Stylo’s… er… stylings.

Stylo means “pen” in French…

Bravo, mon ami. You have to admit that this does bear a certain resemblance to a writing implement: it’s an anodized aluminium tube with a pocket-friendly clip and a range of finishes, as evidenced by the image above.

And specs-wise?

It weighs a piffling 8g and incorporates a battery that charges via micro USB, gives you five hours of talk time and lasts 150 hours on standby.

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