Icon – Fujifilm FinePix X100

Celebrating the 1950s style and 2010s tech that combine in the forthcoming X100

Nice, an old film camera

No, you dolt. Just because the Fujifilm FinePix X100 has been lovingly imbued with retro chic doesn't mean it's old. This is state of the art in Mad Men couture.

That thing, hi-tech?

Hold it to your eye and you'll find you're staring into an amazing hybrid viewfinder. The optical view is overlaid in a head-up-display style by a full-colour LCD showing all kinds of useful info. Take the shot and the optical view is entirely replaced by the LCD showing you the photo you've taken.

I get it, it's got a clever viewing thingy…

Not just that; there's full manual control with the sort of feel you'd expect from the legendary 1950s Leica M3, from which it's so obviously drawing inspiration. It also promises minimal shutter lag and the lens has a super-fast f2 maximum apertue for coping with low light. Fujifilm's recent sensors have been pretty impressive, too, and the X100's is APS-C sized like those in most digital SLRs.

So it does it all?

Actually, this is far from a do-it-all camera. The fixed focal length of 35mm limits the kind of photos you'll be able to take, but that didn't stop the likes of Robert Doisneau and Robert Frank taking some of the greatest shots of the 20th century. And they didn't have instant review and a head-up display, so you've got no excuse.


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