Icon – Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley's Continental GT Speed is the fastest car that the company's ever made

Why's this Bentley special?

Because it's the fastest Bentley the company has ever made, capable of taking you to 205mph in the comfort of a luxury leather cocoon. You'll hit 60mph in four seconds – and a further five will take you to 100mph. Enough to get you in a great deal of trouble in minimal time.

Bet it drinks fuel...

Actually, no. If you drive it carefully – though nobody with a pulse will – the Continental GT Speed is meant to be 12 per cent more fuel and CO2 efficient than previous versions of the GT W12 engine, returning a combined 28mpg. But you won't be rivalling your diesel estate for miles-per-gallon anytime soon – the twin-turbo engine has 616bhp.

How luxurious are we talking, here?

It's got an 8-inch touchscreen display so you can mess around with the car's expensive Naim 8-speaker audio system, which includes a 6-disc CD changer, iPod support, SD card reader and 15GB hard disc for your digital beats. There's even a telephone and navigation built in so you don't get lost as much. The interior is wrapped in soft leather, hand-crafted and covered in wood veneer with a smattering of metal to keep things modern.

How much is all that luxury going to dent my wallet?

Considering the Continental GT sells new for around £137,000, we can imagine the new Continental GT Speed costing £150,000 at least. So you could buy a house, but why do that when you can sleep in this magnificent car instead?

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