Huawei to launch Emotion UI

Just as Huawei phones started to impress us they go and announce a custom UI

Yes, Huawei is launching its own Android UI skin called Emotion. And yes we aren’t happy – yet another Android skin that'll probably go through a dozen iterations before they get it right.

Okay, Samsung's TouchWiz is pretty good on the Galaxy S3 – but that's after four attempts. Remember how it started out? And that was one of the better early skins. That’s probably what we have to look forward to from Huawei's Emotion.

We have to admit, though Huawei has made huge hardware leaps and bounds from nothing to competiting with the big names relatively quickly. Here’s hoping it can do the same with the Emotion UI. To check out the (mixed) reaction on the forums, head over to

(via Engadget)

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