Honda's airbag smartphone case is absolutely insane

We don't know why, or how, but we're very happy this exists

Dropping a smartphone is a little like dropping a baby.

Ok, maybe not quite, but the first time you see your precious 5in companion skid across a pavement, you feel every scrape and scratch, and your heart sinks.

Honda has apparently taken this problem very seriously, and has created the mother of all smartphone cases to ensure that your phone will never be marked again.

Well, we say smartphone case, but it's more of a smartphone vault - and it has a built-in airbag.

Yes, airbag.


The Smartphone Case N as it's called, packs in six airbags which deploy whenever an internal sensor detects a drop, thanks to a compressed CO2 canister.

It's crazy, it's bonkers, and it's clearly just a proof of concept. 

But does that stop us from wanting one?

Of course it doesn't. We'll take five.

[via GSM Arena]