Hang the iPod DJ

Mothball your old mixer and power down your Technics SL1200s - the iPod hegemony is complete. This is Numark's iDJ Mixing Console for iPod, and it deserves to win simply because it looks spectacular

We're sorry to break this to you, but hooking an iPod up to a PA system doesn't make you a DJ. Plug two 60GB Podsters and seamlessly mix between them using this new Numark iDJ, however, and you can hold your head up high.

This isn't just a mixing console with crossfade, volume and the rest. It's also a charging dock that apparently works with all the iPods - Shuffle excluded - and can hook up to a computer nearby via USB. There's even a mic input that'll let you encode recordings straight onto your Pod.

We're having UK pricing and availability of the Numark iDJ confirmed at the moment. First indications suggest it'll be next year and will probably cost £400.

Before you hop over to Numark's site for the full specs, we'll let you in a little secret - to DJ all you need to do is get two tracks at the same tempo and then count in fours. Just don't tell the DJ Guild we told you.

Numark USA

Update: you'll be able to buy the iDJ in the UK in September. Pricing will be announced nearer the time.