Google unveils stylish(ish) Titanium frames for Google Glass

Wear glasses? Google finally has you covered. As long as you’re a Glass Explorer, that is
Google outs stylish frames for Google Glass

Google has revealed four made-for-Glass frames which prescription lens-wearers can snap up to ensure that they can use Google Glass without stumbling around like a mole in sunlight.

Available in four models and priced at US$225 each, the lenses can also be used to create glass-compatible sunglasses, or non-prescription rimmed glasses if you’re into the oh-so-hot hipster look.

Google outs stylish frames for Google Glass

The Verge has already tested the new ‘Titanium’ collection (named after the material the frames are made from) out and found them to feel rather good, although the imbalance brought on by the battery pack did result in a stuck out ear or two.

Due to their design the new frames can’t really be used without Glass as the right stem is shorter than the left, and Google won’t be supplying prescription lenses for you. Still, you’d be better off getting them fitted at your own opticians anyway.

Google outs stylish frames for Google Glass
Google outs stylish frames for Google Glass

The four frames are available in a choice of 8 colours ranging from subdued Charcoal all the way up to ‘look at me!’ Tangerine.

That’s more than 40 different styles and colour combinations in all, though that price tag will bump the total cost up to US$1,725 for Glass explorers who already paid US$1,500 for Glass in the first place.

While there’s still no word on Glass prices and release dates for non-Explorers, we hope to see more announcements in the near future, so stay tuned.

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