Google Glasses project leaked

Are Google’s camera-toting, HUD screened glasses the future of mobiles?

An unnamed source at 9to5google has spilled the beans on the tech giant’s latest project – Google Glasses. The idea is to create a pair of glasses that totally immerses the user into an augmented reality world, conveniently sponsored with pop-ups from Google no doubt.

The futuristic looking specs (mock-up above based on Oakley Thumps) will come with a built in camera (small, so probably low resolution) and flash, as well as a heads up display on one of the lenses for complete augmented reality. The device will not be an add-on to your mobile though as it communicates directly to the cloud over IP, although there may be a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tethering option for web access.

And how do you control it without a host of buttons, you ask? Apart from voice controls and specs similar to an older Android handset, it also uses a highly sensitive tilt-sensor that lets you tip your head to scroll and click while using the navigation system. “It’s so subtle it becomes like second nature and is barely noticeable to outsiders looking on,” says the source.

The word is that Google is treating this with care as it’s – cleverly – aware the specs might not have mass market appeal. The plan is to release it as a pilot project (like the Cr-48 Chromebooks) to see if it catches on. We’ll certainly be getting Google Glasses when the project is revealed soon. Would you be tempted too? Let us know on Twitter @StuffTV.

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