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Google Glass successor might just drop the glass

Search giant’s head-wrapping hardware to go audio-only

“Pow! Pow! Zap! I’m a robot! At least, if a heads–up display in my eye makes me one…”

So the conversation often went as unsuspecting humans donned Google’s super-smart Glass headset, snapping shots and streaming data straight to their eye as they shuffled around in an imagined cyborg suit.

OK, so terminator it wasn’t, but Glass signalled a big step closer to a future of on-the-face tech kit for the masses – complete with bone conduction communication, for truly hands-off transmission.

Now, though, it seems Google’s had enough of in-the-eye info – at least for certain future Glass models.

According to industry insiders, Project Aura, the California tech corp’s revived Glass development department, has three versions of the framed-up hardware in the works – only one of which will pack a screen.

At least one of the non-display devices is said to be sports-focussed, relying on audio interaction and skull vibrations alone to talk to the wearer as they break a sweat.

What’s to differentiate such a screen-free head-strapper from the pack of bluetooth buds already on the market? That remains to be seen – though, if Google’s previous Glass offerings are anything to go by, its smarts should be sufficiently superior to make it stand out.

When will we see the glass-less Glass? Reports suggest a release next year is the target – but, given that previous Glass gear never really hit the market properly, holding in the oxygen isn’t advisable.

[Source: The Information]

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