Google and Asus offer money back to early Nexus 7 owners

Miffed about the Big G's recent price slash for its flagship tablet? Perhaps a little money back into your coffers will help ease the pain

Asus and Google are offering vouchers and cash back to early Nexus 7 adopters who bought the tablet before its price drop last month, in which we saw the 8GB model replaced by £160 and £200 16GB and 32GB versions respectively.

Asus is offering a £25 voucher for its online shop here, as long as you're prepared to register your device and submit your proof of purchase (only direct purchases from Asus or Google count).

Google is also offering to refund the price difference thanks to its Price Protection scheme, for Nexus 7 owners who snapped up the tablet within 15 days of its price slash.

Read our review of the Stuff Gadget Awards' Tablet of the Year to see if you're tempted to pick one up this Christmas.

[The Verge via BGR]

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