Gadget of the Day: Nike+ SportBand

When Jade Goody 'ran' the London marathon in 2006 she failed to swap her kebabs for carrots and paid the price. After 18 miles she collapsed like a fl

The SportBand is basically a Nike+ iPod system minus the iPod. Get it talking to the transmitter in your trainer and wannabe Radcliffes can use the wrist-mounted training partner to monitor distance, time, pace, calories burnt or even just how long you’ve got til Neighbours starts.

Of course without a Nano involved you've got no access to audio feedback or a power song to push you through the pain barrier, but all the other Nike+ features are there. Just plug the detachable USB face into your Mac or PC after your warm down and it’ll tell you if you’re heading for Olympic gold, or a Goody-esque meltdown.

To coincide, Nike is also introducing a new training tool called Nike+ Coach. This will give everyone from beginner pavement pounders to pro athletes the info they need to train for events or hit customised targets. You can even measure yourself up against Paula Radcliffe's marathon schedule – perhaps even including the impromptu toilet stops.

Sprint out to buy one from tomorrow, or check out our Nike+ SportBand hands-on in the vidcast next Wednesday.


Nike+ SportBand

Price: £40

On sale: Tomorrow

Contact: Nike+