Gadget of the Day – Gear4 ProControl AV iPod dock

Our iPods are rammed with videos, but watching clips on it when you're over at a mate's place generally involves crowing round a 3in screen and squint

Thankfully though, this neat new dock from gear4 offers a cool solution. Dubbed the ProControl AV, it works not only as a place to charge your Apple jukebox, but also as a way of releasing your videos from their sleek little home.

Round the back there's a line–out, RCA cable and scart adaptor so you can watch all your episodes of the The Wire, or just disparaging clips of Sarah Palin from YouTube on your TV.

Naturally, it comes bundled with a remote so you don't have to heave yourself up from the sofa. It's out now for £49.99. Well worth a go we reckon.


Gear4 ProControl AV

Price: £49.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Gear4