Gadget of the Day: Freeloader Globetrotter

Stuff Towers is bathed in sunshine right now, and it'd be a shame to let it all go to waste, so we're using the Freeloader Globetrotter to juice up al

The Freeloader – a portable battery pack and solar charger in a tough aluminium case – is joined by the Supercharger – an additional bank of solar cells which soaks up the rays in double-quick time, allowing you to charge up the battery in as little as four hours. On a full charge, its makers claim it'll power a mobile for 44 hours, a PSP for 2.5 hours or a PDA for 22 hours.

The Supercharger panel is weather resistant and attaches to your rucksack, bike panniers or the top of your tent for all day hassle-free charging – weather-permitting of course. A USB cable connects it to the Freeloader, which can also be charged by hooking it up to your compy's USB port.

It comes with eleven adapter tips to hook it up to all your portable tech – from iPods and PSPs to TomToms. The Freeloader weighs in at 185g, and the Supercharger at 200g so it's not going to break your back if you're packing the lot for your next trip. We know we will be.


Freeloader Globetrotter

Price: £49.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Solar Technology International