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Fully Charged: Tesla Model X finally out next month, and Steve Jobs opera planned

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Tesla Model X debuts next month

Finally! Tesla Motors said in its shareholders letter yesterday that it will release the Model X in September. The Model X is the company’s crossover electric vehicle, and it’s been long on the horizon after being first shown in February 2012. Production was supposed to begin in late 2013, but a series of delays followed as Tesla fine-tuned the design and bounced back after the company nearly fell apart.

Only a small number of the early production models will actually ship out in September, as the company continues producing release candidates and ramping up manufacturing. Granted, even with the release a month away, it’s a tentative target: Musk says any issues with parts or suppliers could cut output drastically. But at least a handful of people ought to be rolling out Model X’s in a few weeks’ time.

[Source: Tesla via The Verge]

Steve Jobs opera planned

Steve Jobs opera planned

Are books too long and boring for you? What about films – too little singing, perhaps? In that case, you needn’t suffer through the increasingly tall stack of Steve Jobs media in those styles. Just wait for the opera being produced in Santa Fe, California (outside Los Angeles) right now.

It’s called "The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs," and it’s set to debut sometime in 2017. According to the Los Angeles Times, it won’t skimp over the iconic Apple co-founder’s personal life either, including moments with his wife, adoptive father, and the ex-girlfriend who birthed his daughter that he disavowed for the early part of her life.

Sounds like an easier fit for dramatic singing than, say, coming up with the Mac’s user interface. Then again, knowing Steve Jobs’ temper and perfectionist personality, we imagine there’s plenty to pull from in every scenario.

[Source: Los Angeles Times via AppleInsider]

Mighty No. 9 delayed into 2016

A report surfaced before the weekend that Kickstarter sensation Mighty No. 9 would miss its September release date and instead debut in 2016, and creator Comcept finally confirmed the news yesterday. As of now, there’s no proper date, but the publisher is "aiming for a release in Q1 2016."

Why the delay? While the game is feature-complete and the core content is done, many bugs remain that would’ve been left in the game had it shipped next month. Instead, Comcept will take the extra time to clean up the code and hopefully launch very early next year. Backers and other interested parties will recall that this isn’t the first delay for the unofficial Mega Man spiritual successor: it was first targeted for April this year before being pushed into autumn.

[Source: Kickstarter]

Netflix coming to Japan next month

Netflix coming to Japan next month

Netflix will further its goal of streaming world domination next month with a launch in Japan, which will represent the service’s first Asian country. The streaming video giant will go live in Japan on 2 September, and the company plans to be in more than 200 total countries around the world by the end of 2016.

Of course, if you’re already a subscriber in the UK or United States, we’d love to point you towards some great things to watch. Hit our UK list and U.S. list for our frequently updated picks.

[Source: VentureBeat via TechnoBuffalo]