Referring mates to buy the Tesla Model S could earn you a free Model X

Assuming you already own a Tesla, of course - the company is incentivising word of mouth

Tesla Motors seems to be doing pretty well right now, with big plans ahead in the years to come - but naturally, they want the EV gospel of the Model S to continue spreading. So they're willing to pay for owners to get chatty.

According to an email sent to current Tesla owners, the company plans to try out a word of mouth referral programme inspired by one that CEO Elon Musk tried back in his PayPal days. Effectively, both the referrer and new Tesla purchaser benefit from the deal, which runs through 31 October.

If you - being a Tesla car owner, naturally - refer someone to purchase a new Model S from the website using your unique URL, they'll get US$1,000 (nearly £650) off the asking price. And you'll then get US$1,000 in credit in your account, good for a future car, service, or accessories. It's capped at 10 total discounted referrals per Tesla owner, but hey, that's US$20,000 (almost £13,000) in potential total savings across the board.

And that's not all. If you manage to get five people to buy through your link, you'll earn an invite for two to tour the impending Gigafactory in Nevada and attend the grand opening bash. "This will be awesome," writes Musk. If you max out the promo and get 10 friends onboard, you'll be able to purchase a Founder Series version of the upcoming Tesla Model X crossover, with all options (valued at about US$25,000, or £16,000) included free.

Better yet, the first person to accomplish that mean feat gets the Model X Founder Series completely free of charge. Granted, this requires you to own a Tesla car and have 10 friends rich enough to each buy one, but the incentive is marvelous.

Remember, only one person gets the free Model X, so if you fit the criteria, get cracking. And if you're in the market for a Tesla Model S, find a current owner and get his/her URL before you empty your accounts.

[Source: The Verge]