Fully Charged: Tesla Model 3 ordering details released, plus critical update for older Kindles

Grab the morning's top tech news tidbits

Tesla Model 3 ordering details

Eager to order a Model 3, which is slated to be Tesla Motors' cheapest electric car yet? The company has detailed its reservation process, and it's a curious one in some respects. Most interestingly, Tesla will take your paid reservation (£1,000/US$1,000) at a physical store the morning of 31 March, even though the car won't be revealed until the evening live stream event.

You can also place a reservation online right when the stream begins that night, although Tesla says the in-person orders will be processed first. Each region will have its own queue, too, because shipments will start only in North America - and on the west coast first - before hitting Europe and elsewhere. Also, Model S (shown) and Model X owners get priority placement on each queue.

Still interested? The stream begins at 8:30pm PT on 31 March, which works out to 3:30am UK time on 1 April. Set your alarm now if you want to be up to see the Model 3 revealed live on the Internet.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

Critical Kindle update needed

Got an older Amazon Kindle e-reader? Make sure you update today if at all possible, as Amazon's latest software version must be installed by 22 March - that's today - to avoid killing Internet connectivity on the devices.

Anything released in 2012 or earlier, most recently including the Kindle 5th Generation and Kindle Paperwhite 5th Generation models, will need the update to avoid dropping all Internet access; you can find the full list of devices here. However, if you miss the cutoff for the over-the-air update, you can still apply it manually with a bit more hassle via your computer.

[Source: Amazon]

Next Scribblenauts cancelled

Some bad news out of the gaming world this morning: Warner Bros. has cancelled the next Scribblenauts mobile game, called Scribblenauts: Fighting Words, and that move forced developer 5th Cell to lay off 45 employees to salvage the company.

It's been a rough few months for the studio, which was formed in 2003. Late last year, 5th Cell tried to crowdfund a brand new game called Anchors in the Drift, but the campaign bombed, raising a little more than US$100,000 on Fig with a goal of US$500,000. Here's hoping the team that brought us a game as stunningly innovative as the first Scribblenauts can hang on long enough to deliver another bright idea.

[Source: Polygon]

Humble Android Bundle

Lastly, if you've got an Android phone and want a small stack of awesome games at an incredible price, check out the latest Humble Mobile Bundle. Pay at least US$1 and you'll get Framed, Prune, and Battlestation: Harbinger.

Pay more than the average amount (currently US$5.76) and Lara Croft Go, Sorcery! 3, and Frozen Synapse Prime are added, with more games promised. And if you pay at least US$6, you also get Grim Fandango Remastered and Desktop Dungeons. Crazy. And you can divide your payment as you please between the game creators, charity, and Humble itself.

[Source: Humble Bundle]