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Fully Charged: Street Fighter V releases in February, and Apple Pay is expanding

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Street Fighter V in February

We hoped it would launch this year, but we’ll settle for shortly after: Capcom announced yesterday that Street Fighter V will release on both PlayStation 4 and PC on 16 February, with cross-platform online multiplayer uniting the versions.

Additionally, Capcom announced that classic fighter Dhalsim will join the core roster, with the above trailer showing his appearance in the new entry. Sixteen fighters will be available on the disc, and Capcom also announced yesterday that it will release another six fighters before the end of 2016 – but we have a hunch that won’t be the end of the publisher’s plans for the game.

Apple Pay is expanding

Apple Pay

Currently, Apple Pay is only live in the United States and United Kingdom, but Apple plans to start expanding to other countries. Canada and Australia will apparently be the next beneficiaries of the mobile payments system before the year’s up, but The Verge reports that only American Express will be available to start.

Why the exclusivity? That’s not clear, but we wouldn’t be surprised if AMEX is providing either money or technology to help speed up the international spread. Hong Kong, Singapore, and Spain will be next up in 2016, and will likely be limited to American Express users to start, but hopefully those limitations won’t last for long.

[Source: The Verge]

Asus debuts new Google OnHub

Asus debuts new Google OnHub

Back in August, Google debuted the OnHub – an easier-to-use, more attractive router – and said that Asus would be joining the party before long. And here we are, with the Asus OnHub, which has much the same functionality and looks… well, it looks exactly like an upside-down version of the previous TP-LINK model. It’s kind of hilarious, actually.

But there’s added functionality with the flipped design: curiously, it offers a function called Wave Control, which lets you wave your hand above the top to increase the speed of a particular device. We’ll believe that one when we try it. The Asus OnHub is only available in the States, and at US$220 (about £145), it’s $20 more than the other model. Read more at the source link below.

[Source: Google Blog]

Battleborn will have open beta

Gearbox and 2K Games are launching a limited closed alpha test for next year’s Battleborn this week, but there’s even better news: an open multiplayer beta will be available in early 2016 ahead of the game’s full release on 9 February. It’ll come first to PlayStation 4, but it sounds like Xbox One and PC players can also get in on the fun, surely sometime in January.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]

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