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Fully Charged: PlayStation 4 sells 30 million, and the new Nokia (feature) phone

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PlayStation 4 hits 30 million

Back before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released, prognosticators suggested this might be the final true console generation, due to the rise of smartphones and tablets, plus the impending promise of cheap microconsoles. And yet Sony is breaking its own past pace with sales of the PS4.

Yesterday, the company announced that 30.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold in the approximately two years since the debut, making it the fastest-selling PlayStation console to date. Microsoft hasn’t released to-date sales numbers for the Xbox One, but projections put sales anywhere between 15 and 18 million in about the same timespan. Not too shabby, certainly, but Sony seems to have a commanding lead here.

[Source: Ars Technica]

Microsoft’s latest… Nokia phone?


Microsoft can’t use the Nokia brand on smartphones anymore, but its rights to using the familiar tag on low-end feature phones last a bit longer. So Microsoft just announced the Nokia 230, which is available in standard and dual SIM versions.

Both are very cheap, very basic phones: we’re talking a 2.8in QVGA screen running at 240×320, 2-megapixel cameras on both sides, and a 1200mAh camera, plus support for up to 32GB microSD cards. Of course, the price is the biggest hook at just US$55 (about £37), although you can get a decent smartphone that cheap if you look hard enough. Anyway, it’ll debut first in India, Asia, and the Middle East next month before expanding elsewhere in 2016.

[Source: Microsoft]

Fez gets physical release

Fez gets physical release

Love indie gaming gem Fez, but bummed that it’s a digital-only release? No more: well, sort of. Polytron has just unveiled a Limited Edition version of the game limited to 500 copies, which comes in a slipcase and has a blank notebook for your scribblings and notes, as well as a PC/Mac copy of the game and the soundtrack.

It may well be that both the game and soundtrack are digital copies; the listing isn’t very clear. But the packaging looks fantastic, so if you’re a die-hard, you might consider snagging this collector’s item – if you’re willing to spend US$100 (about £65). Separately, there’s a new two-disc vinyl release of Disasterpeace’s Fez soundtrack in the Polytron store for US$35 (about £23), which is probably a lot more within reach for the average fan.

[Source: Polyshop via Twitter]

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Force Awakens Disney Infinity trailer


When Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits cinemas next month, so too will a playset for Disney Infinity 3.0 – and Disney just released a new trailer that recreates several key moments from the movie clips seen so far. The set includes figurines of Rey and Finn, plus the piece that unlocks the campaign, and sells for £30 or US$35. It’ll be out on 18 December.

[Source: YouTube]

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