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Fully Charged: OnLive returns in a new form, EE supercharging Londoners’ 4G and Transformers 4 gets a trailer

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London-based EE customers getting supercharged LTE-A 4G

If you live in London and use EE you could be in line to get a data speed boost. EE CEO Olaf Swantee has announced that the network will be bring LTE-Advanced to the capital soon, and that means scorching 4G downloads of up to 300Mb/s – as long as you have a device compatible with LTE-A, of course. Currently there are no such phones available in the UK, but we’d expect them to start arriving towards the end of 2014. The next iPhone is strongly tipped to come with LTE-A compatibility.

[Source: The Register]

OnLive is back – and this time it’s different

OnLive is back – and this time it’s different

OnLive, the service that allowed users to buy and stream videogames via the cloud – until it apparently died due to rising costs and a shonky business model – is back. After 18 months of near silence, the company (under new management) has announced its return, and that it now offers a slightly different service.

No more will you be able to buy or rent streamable games through OnLive. Instead, it now offers CloudLift, a companion service that allows you to stream games you already own (through Steam, for example) on any device with a browser. Your save games can be stored in the cloud to ensure that, no matter what you’re playing on, you can continue from where you left off. You’ll also be able to stream and play games you’ve bought but haven’t even installed on your main PC. With a good connection, games will run at 720p resolution and 60fps.

CloudLift, which is currently in beta, will cost £9.99 a month.

[Source: Eurogamer]

First Transformers 4 trailer basically reveals the entire plot

You could be forgiven for having low expectations for the fourth Transformers movie Age of Extinction, but if nothing else it has a pretty decent first trailer. Mark Wahlberg is now the star of the show (well, the human star anyway), playing a mechanic that discovers a strange truck. Oh, there’s something weird about that truck, alright. You could say it’s a “Prime” piece of salvage, ha ha ha…

Facebook Messenger finally arrives on Windows Phone – minus a few features

Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone

Back at Mobile World Congress it was announced that the Facebook Messenger app would be coming to Windows Phone. Well, now it has – but it’s lacking some of the features you’ll find on the Android and iOS versions. Stickers (yay…) and group conversations are in there, but there’s no sign of voice messaging or chat heads. It’s not clear quite why these things are missing, but if you can live with their absence (and let’s face it, you probably can), you can download the app from the Windows Phone store now in the US. By the time you’re reading this, it may well be up at the UK store too.

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