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Fully Charged: New Millennium Falcon flying drone, plus Nintendo’s mobile release plans

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The bigger, better Star Wars drone

The homemade Millennium Falcon flying drone is one of the cooler things we’ve seen so far this year, and now original creator Olivier C. is back with a larger and even more convincing version.

As seen in the video, the Millennium Falcon Mark II has a more imposing size than the first attempt, plus it’s much more detailed, adding more visual markings to the top while maintaining the impressive lighting on the back. Again, this is just a DIY project from an obviously skilled maker, but hopefully Disney sees the potential in bringing this to life (and recruiting Olivier to consult).

[Source: YouTube via CNET]

Nintendo shares mobile release plans

Nintendo shares mobile release plans

Nintendo finally acquiesced earlier this spring and revealed that it will release mobile games via a partnership with DeNA, and now we have an idea of when – and how many games to expect. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo intends to release five mobile games by the time March 2017 rolls around.

That’s it? True, mobile game companies often release games in a rapid-fire manner, hoping something sticks and becomes the next big hit. However, the report says that Nintendo "will focus on quality to ensure each game is widely played." Sounds like the right idea, although we’ll have to see the games in action before we know for sure. The first is expected out before the end of this year.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

Latest Apple Watch hacks

Over the weekend, notable Apple jailbreaker and developer Comex shared video of a full web browser up and running on an Apple Watch. It looks like a terrible navigational experience, as you’ll see by clicking this link, but it’s certainly encouraging to see developers start pushing the limits of what’s possible on the small screen.

And alternately, someone got the Macintosh II operating system (via an Android emulator) loaded on an Android Wear watch: the Samsung Gear Live. Again, there’s no reason why you’d ever actually want this on your wrist, but we can’t help but grin to see these sorts of hacks come to life.

[Sources: 9to5Mac, SlashGear]

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Functional Tron bike sold

Functional Tron bike sold

Remember early last month when we said a functional Tron light cycle was about to go on sale? Well, it sold – to the tune of US$77,000 (about £50,000). The electric bike was based on the one seen in Tron: Legacy, and was a one-of-a-kind working replica that had only ever been spun around a warehouse.

If someday you see it whipping around real roads, just think, "Wow, that cool guy/gal was once £50k richer." But if you had that kind of scratch, you’d probably do the same, no?

[Source: Gizmodo]

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