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Fully Charged: Mighty No. 9’s new date, Mophie’s LG G4 case, and GoPro’s VR move

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Mighty No. 9 coming in September

Kickstarter sensation Mighty No. 9 – the spiritual Mega Man successor designed by original Mega Man creator, Keiji Inafune – was originally targeted to release this month, and that’s clearly not happening. But there’s finally fresh news on the horizon: it has a proper release date, along with a publishing partner and some new bonuses.

Deep Silver games will publish the title and also put out physical disc copies in addition to the planned digital release, and both will hit on 18 September. The digital version will sell for £15, while the disc-based release – with bonus content – will be priced at £25.

Bringing a proper publisher into the fray apparently frees up resources for additional Japanese and French voiceover work, as well as additional subtitle languages. And Kickstarter backers will also get an add-on content pack for free, although some backers seem upset about their pricier pledges not including this new retail release.

[Source: Kickstarter]

Mophie’s LG G4 power case

Mophie’s LG G4 power case

The LG G4 had been officially announced for mere minutes yesterday when Mophie revealed it already had a Juice Pack power case prepped and ready for release once the phone itself becomes available.

Like the Juice Pack cases for other devices, including iPhone and Galaxy S phones, the slightly bulky case packs in a hefty battery for the new device. The G4 already seems like it’ll carry a nice charge, and it has a swappable battery – but if you’d rather have extra battery life attached and ready to go, the Juice Pack will add up to 80% more power (thanks to its 3,450mAh battery) for US$100 (about £65).

[Source: Mophie via Android Central]

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GoPro acquires VR company

Will GoPro help lead the virtual reality revolution into the mainstream? The company is certainly making moves to make that possible, announcing that it has purchased Kolor, a program used to stitch together footage from multiple cameras to create 360-degree videos and virtual tours.

If you’re running Chrome, the above video lets you scroll all around to see the software in motion. Otherwise, the Kolor Eyes app on Android and iOS has it available for use with Google Cardboard. And GoPro will apparently push into doing more 360-degree clips for Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR, says The Verge. GoPro’s cameras are booming, and the company surely wouldn’t mind if you bought several of them to shoot your own advanced clips like this.

[Source: The Verge]

Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer released

Thought Just Cause 3 would lose its over-the-top edge in its move to current-gen hardware? What, are you nuts? The first gameplay trailer launched yesterday, and clearly, Square Enix’s series hasn’t slowed down after a few good years away. It looks properly chaotic and plenty of fun – we can’t wait to try it out.

[Source: YouTube]

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