Fully Charged: LG’s QuickCircle Case is a window into the G3, win a Star Wars: Episode VII role, and see Batman: Arkham Knight in action

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LG QuickCircle Case

LG’s QuickCircle Case offers a large glance at the G3 display

We’re still a week away from LG’s planned G3 handset reveal—though a teaser trailer and leaked renders have already shown plenty—and already the manufacturer is working to sell prospective buyers on slick new accessories.

Just announced, the new QuickCircle case for the G3 is a book-like cover with a rather large circular opening on the upper front half, which reveals a sizable chunk of the screen when closed. You’ll still be able to place calls, send text messages, scope out the time, listen to tunes, take photos, and “get an update of [your] health” through the window, according to LG. And a soft white glow will illuminate when opened or closed, as well as when a call or message comes through.

The QuickCircle case will surely launch alongside the phone, and will be available in five colors: Aqua Mint, Indian Pink, Metallic Black, Shine Gold, and Silk White. LG will also release an SDK next month to allow third-party developers to take a stab at the functionality, which could yield some incredibly cool little perks in time.

[Source: LG via Engadget]

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Win a small role in Star Wars: Episode VII by supporting Unicef

Die-hard Star Wars nut? Well, now you can enter to win not only a visit to the set of Star Wars: Episode VII in London, but also a small role in the film. The winner will be dressed up and slathered in makeup to shoot a scene for next year’s massive blockbuster release.

How can you get such an opportunity? By donating to Unicef’s Innovation Labs program via the new Star Wars: Force for Change initiative. Each US$10 pledged towards the campaign buys you an entry, so big spenders have a much better shot of actually winning the prize package.

Check out the above clip with director J.J. Abrams on the Abu Dhabi set, which looks more than a little bit like Tatooine—and is that a new Star Wars creature that wanders into view, or simply a ruse? We may not know for some time, but considering its raggedy appearance, we’re hoping for the latter.

[Source: Omaze via SFX]

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Got an eBay account? Change your password


As a result of a cyberattack that occurred in late February and early March, eBay is asking all of its many millions of users to change their passwords. According to the company, the database that was compromised in the attack contained encrypted information including passwords, email and physical addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth.

Following extensive testing after discovering the leak two weeks ago, eBay claims that no financial information was snagged, and that PayPal accounts are unaffected. No unauthorized access of any kind has been detected, but with many users no doubt employing the same password for multiple websites, eBay is advising users to start changing their login info to avoid possible issues down the line.

[Source: eBay]

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Batman: Arkham Knight’s first gameplay footage looks fantastic

Last year’s Batman: Arkham Origins took the series away from its original creators, but that’s only because Rocksteady Games was plugging away at its first new-gen entry. And here it is: our first look at Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay, including the brand new Batmobile.

Expectedly, it all looks rather spectacular, and in addition to the new way to zip around Gotham, Arkham Knight features a totally original villain created just for the game: the titular Arkham Knight. We can’t wait to get our hands on this slick-looking sequel when it debuts for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in October.

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