Fully Charged: GTA V’s companion app, Intel’s wine-powered CPU, and the 3D-printed gun is coming to London

It’s Grand Theft Auto day! So read about Rockstar’s new app and other top tech stories
GTA iFruit app

GTA V iFruit app lets you customise cars on your iPhone

Grand Theft Auto V is finally out today, and with it Rockstar Games has launched the “iFruit” app for iOS devices. The free app allows you to customise the look and performance of vehicles (including personalised licence plates) and have your modifications transferred to the actual in-game cars. It also features a mini game starring Chop, Franklin’s dog. Feed him and keep him happy and that will improve his behaviour and usefulness in the actual console game.

Intel turns wine into electricity

Intel wine CPU

Certain processors are so low-power that they can be run off unlikely energy sources. You might have heard of potatoes being used as batteries in school science labs – but how about a nice glass of Merlot being used to run a computer? That was exactly the case at the Intel developer forum last week, when Chipzilla anthropologist Dr Genevieve Bell demonstrated a CPU running off a glass of red wine. The beverage’s acetic acid reacts with two electrodes to produce a tiny amount of electricity – tiny, but enough for a low-power processor. In a few year’s time, it may be possible to run actual computers off this kind of improvised battery. [Source: The Register]

3D-printed gun goes on show at V&A Museum

The Liberator

London’s Victoria & Albert Museum has acquired an unusual – and somewhat controversial – new tech-related exhibit for this week’s London Design Festival show. The V&A has got its mitts on both prototypes of the Liberator pistol, the first 3D-printed firearm, a £15 do-it-yourself gun that was demonstrated a few months ago online by designer Cody Wilson. It’s estimated that around 100,000 people have downloaded the gun design for printing already (the US government has since forced Wilson to remove the blueprints), but if you want to see the original parts for yourself, get thee to the V&A. [Source: Dezeen]