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Fully Charged: Google exploring Android app trials, Apple TV may be HomeKit home base, and free new-gen upgrade for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Bite-sized Android app trials incoming?

Google Play recently extended its return window for purchased apps, but if you’re still worried about getting burned on a bad app or game, there may be hope on the horizon. The Information reports that Google is looking into allowing trial downloads of Android apps.

Furthermore, the indication is that you won’t have to download the full-sized app, but rather a small, cut-down portion that saves on your data usage and more quickly gets you to what you want to see and play. When such a plan will be implemented remains unknown, however.

[Source: The Information via Engadget]

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Apple TV may be the center of your connected home

Apple TV

With Apple introducing the HomeKit framework for connected home devices, the Apple TV may become a lot more useful in the near future. A note on the latest Apple TV software beta notes added HomeKit support, says AppleInsider, and a developer has lent some insight into how that’ll work.

Supposedly, the Apple TV will work as a hub for your connected home devices and help you access your setup while away from home. Of course, the Apple TV hardware itself is a bit dated at this point, with the current model launching at the start of 2013, so we have to imagine that Apple will refresh the box if it really has big plans in mind.

[Source: AppleInsider]

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has free new-gen upgrade

If you’re thinking about buying Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 next month, but concerned that you’ll have a new-gen console in the near future, worry not: if you buy a digital last-gen copy, you’ll be able to upgrade on the equivalent new console.

So if you buy on Xbox 360, you can get the Xbox One download by the end of March 2015, and the same goes for PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 digital releases. It’s the same deal Activision offered with Destiny, and it should ease the minds of anyone who wants to stay in the game this autumn without immediately shelling out for a brand new console.

[Source: Call of Duty]

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