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Fully Charged: First Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV ad, and Apple Store bag check lawsuit dismissed

It's Monday - quickly catch up on all the news you missed this weekend

New Force Awakens commercial


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only weeks away, and TV spots are starting to roll out following the full-length trailers. With fans clamoring for whatever footage they can get, it’s worth watching this 30-second clip for the fresh sights and voiceover.

It’s so close. Get pumped. And if you missed the awesome Japanese trailer, the awesome trailer before that, or the awesome trailer before that, then carve out 10 minutes and get caught up now. Unless you’re avoiding any semblance of spoilers, in which case godspeed and good luck.

[Source: YouTube via The Verge]

Apple bag check suit dismissed

Apple bag check suit dismissed

Apple is often the target of legal challenges, but this one (sort of) came from within: a group of former retail employees filed suit to try and force the company to pay all current and former employees in California for any time spent having their bags and personal items checked by security.

The plaintiffs felt they were unfairly uncompensated for those extra minutes each shift, but a federal judge in San Francisco disagreed, claiming employees could avoid bringing bags to work to dodge the searches. The United States Supreme Court already has a ruling on a related matter, so this suit was limited strictly to the state of California – but it’s now been dismissed. The group could still try to appeal the decision.

[Source: Bloomberg]

New Mass Effect: Andromeda teaser

Next year’s Mass Effect: Andromeda aims to revive the beloved role-playing trilogy with an all-new tale set well into the future – and to mark this weekend’s N7 Day (7 November), EA and BioWare released the new teaser above.

It seems to bridge the gap between entries, saying goodbye to what we already know and hinting at what’s ahead. Oh, and there’s a quick glance at a dog tag that says "Ryder," as Ars Technica noticed. But otherwise, it’s just a quick prod to remind you that there’s a new Mass Effect coming, and you should probably be really excited for it.

[Source: YouTube via Ars Technica]

World of Warcraft expansion release window

And lastly, one more bit of gaming news from this weekend’s BlizzCon 2015 event. World of Warcraft: Legion, the sixth expansion for the long-running, still-very-active, yet notably-less-popular massively multiplayer online game, will release sometime next summer.

That’s a little later than anticipated, but it makes sense: the Warcraft movie comes out in June, so don’t be surprised if the two debut in tandem. And as far as we know, the beta for Legion is still expected to start before the year is up. Check out the new cinematic trailer above.

[Source: YouTube]

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