Fully Charged: Final Fantasy VII Remake may be episodic, and Google's health division reborn

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Final Fantasy VII Remake may be episodic

There was a lot of excitement around the Final Fantasy VII Remake over the weekend, given the beautiful first gameplay footage, but now it feels a bit like the air has been sucked out the room. That's because the game won't exist in quite the same form when it eventually releases.

Square Enix announced in the wee hours of the morning yesterday that the game will be "told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience." And in an interview with Dengeki Online in Japan, producer Yoshinori Kitase explained, "If we took everything that's in the original game and remade it at that quality, we couldn't get it all on a single release." In other words, it sounds like it will be an episodic release rather than a single, large experience.

Granted, Final Fantasy VII originally shipped across three CD-ROMs, but they all released together and you would simply swap them as needed. It's possible that we're all misunderstanding this and that there will simply be a series of games that follow and support the Remake. Or maybe it is true. In any case, it's probably best to see how things actually work out here instead of assuming the worst.

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Google's Life Sciences becomes Verily

Now that Alphabet has been established to oversee Google, the company's former extraneous pursuits are taking on lives of their own. So the one-time Google Life Sciences division has been rebranded Verily, and it'll be its own entity as its scientists aim to use technology and data to advance disease prevention through hardware and software alike. Catch the inspiring trailer above.

[Source: Verily]

Star Trek Beyond trailer before Star Wars

Remember when Star Wars and Star Trek were treated like mortal enemies of pop culture franchises? Now J.J. Abrams has his fingers in both brands and all bets are off. And if you want to catch the first trailer for next year's Star Trek Beyond, you'll have to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in cinemas.

Abrams directed the first two modern Star Trek films, but left the role to go do Star Wars. Still, his Bad Robot production company is behind Star Trek Beyond. It's due out on 22 July.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Gone Home coming to consoles

Last year, The Fullbright Company announced that the celebrated indie PC adventure Gone Home would come to consoles. And then earlier this year, the project went on hiatus. But now there's good news: it really will release on consoles, and soon too!

Gone Hone is set to release on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 12 January 2016, and you can catch a quick message from co-creator Steve Gaynor above. It also offers a quick look at the game, which follows a young woman who returns home to find her family curiously missing.

[Source: Fullbright Company]