Fully Charged: Enter the Matrix, Android PCs, and how to scramble a drone with the blink of an eye

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Fully Charged: Enter the Matrix, Android PCs, and how to scramble a drone with t

Ever wanted to a launch a fleet of killer drones with the blink of an eye? Good news, researchers have just the thing.

Katia Vega, a computer scientist at the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has created false eyelashes and eyeshadow that, when she blinks, complete a low power circuit and trigger commands.

She's already demonstrated the technology at a Scottish conference, and is in talks to commercialise it - so just be warned, next time a girl flutters her eyelashes at you, it might not end well.

[Source: New Scientist]

Finally, you can enter the Matrix

If you've been playing around with a GoPro, it's time to raise your game. The firm has released this astonishing video of an employee who built a 24 goPro array to capture his fire eating prowess.

It's an astonishing clip showing just how easy it is to recreate those Matrix-style special effects at home - so get ready for a new era in cat videos to arrive.

[Source: YouTube]

The multiple personalities app

If you want to give your Android handset a new look, the Aviate launcher could be worth a look.

Dubbed a smart launcher, it gives you five different home screens—Morning, Going Somewhere, Work, Restaurants, and Nighttime—that pop up automatically based on time and your activity. 

It looks slick, and is a smart idea - and launched in beta today, so go snap it up.

[Source: Play Store]

The MiiPC get kickstarted

It's a little bit of a Stuff favourite, and the MiiPC has finally been funded via Kickstarter, so expect to see the tiny Andoid powered PC coming to a desktop near you soon.

The firm is already accepting preorders for the US$129 computer, and promises to get them out to its Kickstarter backers first.

As well as a fully featured PC that's perfect for the kids bedroom, there's also a companion app for parents so you can limit access to the machine. 

Crucially, we also think it looks pretty cool.

MiiPC features a 1.2GHz processor and 4GB of storage. A screen, keyboard, mouse and HDMI cable must be bought separately, however.

[Source: Miipc]