Fully Charged: Bigger iPhone 6 screen “is happening”, GTA 5 all but confirmed for PC, and PS Plus getting best games yet

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Bigger iPhone 6 screen “is happening”

iPhone 6 getting 4.8in screen, says analyst

Now, we’re too smart to trust anything financial analysts have to say about future Apple devices (if they were right, we’d all be watching Apple-branded TVs in our living rooms right this second), but it’s our duty to report this claim from the Cowen Group’s Timothy Arcuri. He says that the next iPhone will definitely have a 4.8in display.

Citing sources from within Apple’s supply chain, Arcuri says that the iPhone 6 will also have “key software innovations” (well, duh). But it’s the screen thing that’s most intriguing: Apple is currently using a 4in screen having upsized from 3.5in with the iPhone 5. But 4in is still a lot smaller than the screens toted by flagship Android and Windows Phone devices, and many have predicted that Apple would feel compelled to follow suit.

Stay tuned for more on this, and in the mean time you can read up on the latest Apple iPhone 6 rumours and speculation here.

[Source: SlashGear]

Pocket gets Apple AirPlay support

Pocket gets Apple AirPlay support

Pocket, the app which allows you to save web pages for later reading, has just added a killer new feature: AirPlay support. It means that if you own an Apple TV you can send any video clips you’ve saved to Pocket wirelessly on your living room telly for big screen watching.

Pocket’s developers say that the app’s users watch two million videos a week within the app – so it’s giving them a way to watch them outside of it. You can download Pocket for iOS from the App Store: just click here.

[Source: Apple Insider]

BioShock Infinite and Metro: Last Light coming to PS Plus next week

BioShock Infinite and Metro: Last Light coming to PS Plus next week

Subscribers to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service have a bunch of new free games coming online next week – and it includes a couple of real doozies in the form of Metro: Last Light and BioShock Infinite (both for the PS3 and available from 29th January). PS4-owning PS Plus subscribers will get access to the pants-soilingly scary survival horror Outlast from 5th February. Our advice: don’t play it alone.

[Source: PlayStation blog]