Fully Charged: Apple claims single-digit bent iPhone 6 Plus complaints, PS4 online play free this weekend, and KFC’s fried chicken iPhone case

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iPhone 6 Plus

Apple says just nine bent iPhone complaints

We’re in the thick of so-called “Bendgate,” after reports began surfacing of users’ new iPhone 6 Plus handsets becoming severely bent as a consequence of, say, being in a front trousers pocket. But much as that headline has spread like wildfire, Apple says it’s an extremely minor occurrence.

So minor, in fact, that the company claims to have received just nine total customer complaints on the matter so far - and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus together have sold more than 10 million units. Granted, the opportunists bending their phones for YouTube hits (see above) probably didn’t report theirs.

While still unfortunate for anyone who had his/her new phablet legitimately and accidentally bent within days of purchase - and certainly embarrassing for Apple, however frequent the deformities - the whole issue sounds a bit overblown thus far.

[Source: Recode]

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PlayStation 4 online multiplayer free this weekend


Got a PlayStation 4, but didn’t want to shell out for the PlayStation Plus subscription to enable online play? You’re in luck - Sony has announced that online multiplayer for all titles will be freely accessible to all PlayStation Network users this weekend.

It starts at 8am this morning and runs through 8am on Monday. Destiny is an obvious option, although if you’re seeking additional great PS4 games to play, we’ve got a list of the best available (as of late last month).

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]

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KFC cooks up fried chicken iPhone case

KFC iPhone case

If you’ve got a taste for ultra-weird promotional tchotchkes, then KFC has you covered with its fried chicken-shaped iPhone case. Built for the iPhone 5/5s, it looks to be a rubber or plastic faux chicken appendage that houses a device (and adds several times its size in bulk).

Sadly, this one’s exclusive to Japan, and it’s a promotional item for an event called Colonel’s Day - so we doubt there’s any way of simply buying the thing for novelty’s sake. We imagine once these hit eBay, however, they’ll fetch a fine premium indeed.

[Source: KFC Japan via CNET]

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Get your master’s degree watching Marvel films

Guardians of the Galaxy

Who said hitting the books can’t be fun? By books, of course, we mean comic books. And by comic books, we mean the big-budget Hollywood blockbuster films based on them. At least, that’s what is happening at the University of Baltimore with its new Media Genres: Media Marvels class.

Digging into the films released thus far by Marvel Studios, including The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, teacher Arnold T. Blumberg aims to foster a deeper understanding of the films’ subject matter, inspirations, and real-life parallels, as well as their impact on the movie business.

[Source: Guardian]

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