Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 concept is the ultimate convergence device

Fujitsu creates the ultimate convergence device. Transformer Prime eat your heart out

If the impressive convergence capabilities of Asus' Transformer Prime and Padfone, as well as Lenovo's shape-shifting IdeaPad Yoga and IdeaPad S2 have got you a bit hot underneath the collar, prepare to have your minds blown by Fujitsu's Lifebook 2013 concept.

Taking convergence to extreme levels, the Lifebook 2013 offers up four devices in one. More specifically, four devices in a single laptop shell. So, in place of a keyboard sits a removable tablet that transforms into a full-sized touch-sensitive QWERTY keyboard for getting your type on.  

Next, you'll find a detachable digital camera, which acts as the laptop's rear facing snapper when not on the move. Finally, a slot in the bottom of the machine is home to a mobile phone that'll allow you to easily sync contents with the laptop without the need for fiddly wires. The fourth device is obviously the laptop itself.

Each individual component rocks its own CPU and interestingly, when all devices are back in their rightful places they share the processing graft between them, suggesting all devices could run on the same OS. Given that the world's first Android camera – courtesy of Polaroid – showed its face at CES 2012, we'd say Google's OS is a good punt in the (admittedly unlikely) event the Lifebook sees the light of day next year.

While we're waiting to find out, check out Fujitsu's impressive waterproof Arrows tab, unveiled at CES.

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