Fujifilm's big zoom FinePix HS10 arrives

Massive zoom and serious video chops are the lynchpins of Fujifilm's latest bridge cam, but it doesn't stop there

Are you a sniper who likes a bit of photography on the side? If you answered, “Yes, I like to shoot faraway pictures when I’m not shooting faraway humans,” we have the camera for you.

Fujifilm’s FinePix 10.3MP HS10 claims the world’s first 30x manual zoom, meaning you’ll need steady hands if you’re going to snap on full extension sans tripod, even with the triple image stabilisation.

Moving targets – sorry, subjects – can be shot in 1080p video as well, and the HS10 has a 1000fps slo-mo mode, too, for taking pictures of exploding fruit. Or heads.

The HS10, which we first heard about in spring, can also handle 10fps continuous shooting and has a hi-res 3in LCD, sweep panorama and an electronic viewfinder that automatically kills the LCD when held to your eye.

Fujifilm FinePix HS10 is available now and will set you back £380, considerably less than you’d pay for a new tactical assault rifle.