Fujifilm FinePix X100 unboxed

We've lovingly unwrapped Fujifilm's retro snapper...

We haven't been so excited about a camera in a long, long time. And now we have our very own Fujifilm FinePix X100 to unbox and lovingly caress...

Satin sheets are a bit too Peter Stringfellow for our liking, but at least they're keeping the X100 nice and safe.

Er, yep, it's all in there. Shame the lens hood and leather ever-ready case are optional extras. No one should buy this camera without them.

The lens cap is of the old-fashioned push-on variety. Fujifilm has got the feel of it just right, with the same felt-lined feel and pressed-metal build of 1950s Leica caps.

No printed logos here – that's proper paint-filled etched lettering. And notice the threaded cable release socket. Well retro.

This is where it all gets modern. A 2.8-inch LCD dominates the back, surrounded by the usual controls and a jog dial at top right.

A really nice touch is that switching the hybrid viewfinder between optical and digital is done using a control that looks like an old self-timer lever.

Expect a full review in the very near future.


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